When a company has completed the first SAP implementation, they understand why it is necessary to use alternatives for providing SAP competencies for future projects.

The requester, the company, the client or the agent have the possibility to search and look for available competencies and make reservations in the database via registration on the site 24/7 independent of support of any kind. 

The competence database allows you to make a very quick and exact match of competencies required just for your projects. 

As all providers (SAP consultants) are hired freelance, there are no demand for engagement longer than the project.

All providers contracts can always be terminated by 30 days in advance, independently of the project periode.

Common time registration and invoicing per project each month, including online follow up per project.

Direct advantages for the requesters (customer):

  • Simple and clear layout of modules and skills in the competence database, which allows for quick match and hence quick overview of available skilled resources
  • ONLY provide freelance SAP core/key competencies
  • Administration and overview of provided skills and hours
  • High rate of available skilled resources 
  • Continuously monitoring of the engagement with the customers
  • Motivated, and actively seeking consultants for new projects 
  • Simple and flexible concept
  • High skills - competitive rates
  • 3 candidates within 24 hours upon request
  • Global concept




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